E-Class Coupé

Vehicle design

A prime example of the new Mercedes-Benz design philosophy.

It is the embodiment of ultra-modern style and refined sportiness. With its perfect proportions and athletic style elements, the E-Class Coupé cannot help but draw admiring looks – and does so with subtle grace.


Immerse yourself in the modern luxury of Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive

Energising comfort and exemplary safety.

Be it at rush hour, during a long drive at night or on an unfamiliar route – your E-Class Coupé noticeably takes the strain, particularly in stressful situations. This is based on a concept that all our vehicles embody and which makes every journey in a Mercedes unique: Intelligent Drive. Because the time you spend behind the wheel is your time. Time for relaxation. Time to replenish your energy. So that you reach your destination even more safely and are also more relaxed when you get there.

Intelligent technologies

Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive – technologies in detail.

Energising comfort and exemplary safety.

Off the road price